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Training: Riding to the Coast

Monday, June 26th, 2006

Really quick: Ezra, David and myself rode a bit over 50 miles to the coast and back today. Here’s where we rode and a photo on the beach:

GPS stuff came in the mail today. Hopefully we’ll have it up and running in time for Monday’s launch!

The Three Climbers

Saturday, June 24th, 2006

David Lauterbach showed up in Palo Alto a few days ago and we (Ezra, David, and myself) did a ride yesterday up Kings Mountain Rd. It’s a 5+ mile climb uphill… and it kinda hurt but that’s still nothing compared to the mountainous devastation that awaits us on the Sierras in days 2 and 3. The day before Ezra and I rode Old La Honda Rd. (my first time). Today is a rest day.

Also, I ordered GPS equipment a few days ago so that should be arriving Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully it’ll be easy enough to rig to the website.

David, Jacob, and Ezra (left to right) after climbing Kings Mountain Road:

Going to California

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

Ezra and I arrived at our home-base in Palo Alto, Calif this week — from Oxford, Uk and Santa Barbara respectively. David will be joining us here tomorrow, John early next week, and then the rest of the Oxford crew on next Thursday. Things are starting to come together in a major way. Ezra and I have been riding a few hours a day as schedules permit, and will hopfully end up around 4-6 hours a day by the end of next week (when we launch).

I need to get to work on GPS, schedules, and mapping for this website. For now, here are a couple photos:

(Above: The Pierce brothers. Ezra in yellow, Jacob in blue.)