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A Toast

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Well, I’m leaving San Diego, going to Northern California, and preparing for a 6 week bike trip.

Here’s a toast, in memory of good times in the past, and in hope of good times to come…(in words written at the end of another bike trip)
-To Mermaids and Trolls, The Swedish Chef and Bike Jousting

I am comfortable in spandex. I have discovered that any town larger that 100 people will have an espresso bar. I have developed, and will continue to nurture a righteous hatred of RV’s. I have looked disdainfully on anyone who camps with so much as a tent. I have slept in a waterproof sack for a month. I have learned a little bit about perseverance. I have seen trees draped with moss in forests that feel older than the earth. I have seen surf crash against jagged rocks hundreds of feet beneath me. I have worn padded spandex in a lumberjack town. I am willing to take off my pants in public. I failed to see an attractive woman until Bodega Bay. I have fallen over, in public, for no reason – multiple times. I have seen more beauty in a summer than I thought possible in a lifetime.

If that much can happen in 4 weeks with only 2 guys, here’s to 6 weeks and 7 guys and the chance to make a difference.


Sunday, May 14th, 2006

Sorry about how long it has taken us to get this site working and/or looking good. But we now have a page where you can make donations! Woot.

Visit to make a donation or check up on our online donation progress.

Contact Us

Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Hey all, until we get a better contact link up, the contact email for all of us is:

email us for anything you want. especially if you are going to give us a support car.

ps. we will soon have a link on this site where donations can be made, so check back regularly.