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Jane Tomlinson : 1964-2007

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Once again, CCFC loses it’s irreverent tone when considering this unique woman. As you all know, Jane Tomlinson’s achievements over the past seven years have been remarkable not only through their magnitude, both in terms of tasks undertaken and funds raised, but in their intrinsic quality – a devotion to others in spite of her own fears, misgivings, pain and even outside criticism. It is a lasting testament to her strength of character that she defied her critics and illness alike for so long.

We know that to Mike another note of condolence will be one of very many, but to us, the pleasure and privilege of knowing Jane for a brief few weeks last year is something that will always be in our memories. Jane represented so many qualities of humanity that if everyone took away with them one thing that she had taught them, she will have a mark more enduring than any amount of money.

To Mike and the children, thank you for sharing Jane with us for a short while, it’s something we can’t begin to put a price on -

- The CCFC Riders

To learn more about Jane, visit Wikipedia and Jane’s Appeal.