Fundraising: Palo Alto Bike-a-Thon

We had our 3rd Stationary Bike-a-Thon Fundraiser today and managed to have some good times as well as raise $488 + a bucket of pocket change (we’ll count that later). Our CCFC jerseys arrived just as we began setting up the fundraising tent this morning, so we were very excited to finally look like a real team of cyclists. Here’s the group (sans Max) sporting the new look:

(left to right: Paddy, Rob [not riding], David, Jacob, John, Ezra)

Here’s John during his turn on the crank.

Here’s a crowd wary of coming too close to men in tights (always a good policy, I don’t blame them).
And finally, here’s Ezra wondering why a 20-year old stuffed bear happens to be our mascot for the day.

Tom from Velotech in Palo Alto gave our bikes each physicals one-by-one, so to speak, and for the most part they all got the “okay” from him. We’re very grateful for his help and he’s really put in a lot of effort for us. Plus it’s peaceful to know that a master tech has given our gear approval for the trip.

One last bit, as for Max’s broken arm, he’ll be riding. We may put (read: force) him in the driver’s seat of the car for a little bit until the inflammation dies down and whatnot, but he’s still on board to Baltimore.

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