Day 14: Utah… when did we go so wrong?

We are in Hite, Utah.

First, let me say again: a big “wow” for southern Utah. Absolutely stunning. However, second, and more importantly at this point, let me say a big “ow” for southern Utah. Today was perhaps our most strained ride and by the end, nearly everyone admitted to having wondered why they decided to do this in the first place. (Keep in mind none of us considered quitting.) Why so bad? Simple: it was extremely hot and we exhausted ourselves too early in the day. Everything was fine until the last 15 miles of 100 miles. When we finished the ride, three of us were borderline heat stroke, I had been out of water for 5 miles, and it was 98F (37C) in the shade. *%$#. Definitely the most emotionally exhausting ride of my life.

It’s a little known fact that Hite, UT is actually hotter than the core temperature of the sun (this is achieved by a system of mirrors and pulleys in space). It’s a fact.

In Hite it was too hot to do anything (and there was nothing to do anyways) so we sat in a Market for about 4 hours reading and buying $2 microwavable burritos that contained over 1000 kcals each. At 5pm the store closed. Bummer. So we waited in the “shade” of a ranger station and discovered that Hite is home to some of our favorite things: debilitating heat, scorpions, large red ants, and bats. We decided to sleep on the roof.

We waited until the sun set for it to be cool enough to sleep. Then we kept waiting because the temperature only dropped to about 85-90F in the night. At least the giant bats kill the giant mosquitos.

Apparently Butch Cassidy and his gang, The Wyld B0yz (or however that was spelled in ye old west), made Hite their home for a while. If he ever slept there in the middle of July in leather chaps, I must say I have a bit more respect for him.

Today’s Numbers:

Miles cycled today: 98.8
Flat tire tally: 9
Temperature at Hite, UT: 115F (46C)
Insects that scare Max: all of them
Water consumed by each rider today: 18-22 liters (5-6 gallons) (no joke)

Random photos:

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7 Responses to “Day 14: Utah… when did we go so wrong?”

  1. Brian Says:

    It’s said the Inuits have 20 different words for snow. Do the Hiteites have 20 different words to describe the heat?
    Thinking of you guys.

  2. Nate pierce Says:

    You guys are doing great. It’s hot here too, but not 115! Keep it up!

  3. Chris from scotland Says:

    Stiil watching you guys been following you everystep of the way, keep up the hard work guys..


  4. carolyn pierce Says:

    Even the Valley of the Shadow of Death has shade! Well done for pressing on. In the words of John Bunyan, you have conquered Giant Despair.
    Love and hugs for all!
    (Does George Lucas know that David sneaked onto the latest Star Wars set to spend the night?)

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  6. kaylin Says:

    greetings from the 4K! just wanted to congratulate you guys on surviving the hell that was hite. i feel like maybe its a rite of passage for cross country cycling groups riding for cancer. (all three of us.)

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