Day 43 (teaser): Thwarted by a trannie!

Monday, August 14th, 5:38pm. Paddy and I are trapped in Cumberland, MD.

Well, I know I haven’t posted Day 42 yet, but Ezra has the camera and all of the pertinent photos are on there. I’ll post as soon as I can (which should be tomorrow).

Here’s the status: we were going 90 miles today and breezing another 70 miles tomorrow all the way to Baltimore. However, 20 miles in, our car has gone and injured itself. The transmission is toast. And as far as we’re concerned, it’s totaled.

So Paddy and myself are staying with the car at a mechanic shop and waiting for a friend from Alexandria (south of Washington DC) to pick us up tomorrow morning. (We’ll have a wrecker take the car.) Ezra, David, Max, and John left to cycle the 140 miles on to Baltimore this afternoon with no car support. If all goes well, they should be there around 4am (unless they find a suitable place to sleep without bags and tents).

If things do not go well, Paddy and Max will miss their flights back to the UK on the 16th. We’re talking $2000 in wasted tickets here, people. It’s a high-stakes game of death.

Tune in tomorrow to discover the outcome of our four brave heros and the two neat guys who stayed back and guarded their stuff. The board is set, the pawns are moving forward, and the King and Queen have hung back to be covered by the Knight.

PS: Paddy and I have the GPS transmitter. We’ll turn it on as soon as we start moving again.

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2 Responses to “Day 43 (teaser): Thwarted by a trannie!”

  1. Fred Says:

    Good luck on the last leg. Try to bring patrick home as we need him for racing on saturday (and it would also increase the number of friends I have in Oxford to 1).

  2. carolyn pierce Says:

    1992 Mercury Sable
    Usque ad mortem fidelis

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