Day 42: Maryland, my belle.

Sunday, August 13th. We are bedding in Frostburg, MD.

We’ve done it. We’ve crossed into Maryland. The final state of our tour of America. This is big, real big.

After 70 miles of Appalachian mountaintops, we reached Frostburg, a little quaint little town of little-to-no importance. We’ve been ascending summits of over 3,000 feet all day. But as Max would say, “I piss 3,000 feet before breakfast” (which is sometimes true). After peaking almost 12,000 feet in the Rockies, the Appalachians seem like little more than a hiccup on the short road to Baltimore. Only two more days of riding: nothing can stop us now.

The Frostburg police, after 3 hours of deliberation, decided to put us on private property a few miles out of town. They had us camp at a trailhead to Washington DC. No water, but at this point we’ve stopped caring about even basic human necessities. At the beginning of this trip we would have never camped down in a place without water, but the road changes you: It makes you dumber.

Shortly David will return to us from his week in Chicago and best of all…

Did I mention Max got “lost” in the last few miles today? Actually, he didn’t get lost, but he punctured a tire and wasn’t carrying a pump. He walked about 3 miles, then hitched a few miles, then found someone with a pump. The worst part was I put the GPS transmitter on him for the last stretch before reaching Frostburg but as soon as it went in his pocket it stopped transmitting. Max is like a blackhole for any sort of map or directional device. When he holds a compass the needle just spins around and around.

Tomorrow: No more states to go!

Today’s Numbers:

Miles cycled: 80
Flat tire tally: 40 (The past 8-9 have been Max)
Days to Baltimore: 3
Miles driven to pick up David: 80
Police wearing “Sheriff” uniforms: all of them (everyone was promoted…?)
Hours spent waiting for dark before camping on a trailhead (as to avoid suspicion): 5
Hours spent listening to Max talk about his strong lust for a milkshake: 5

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6 Responses to “Day 42: Maryland, my belle.”

  1. The National Foot in Mouth Society Says:

    Perhaps it was tempting fate a tad to say “Only two more days of riding; nothing can stop us now”. Just a thought.

  2. elaine Says:

    I am so sorry frostburg treated you so poorly. I live just W of town. sadly, just uphill from where they made you camp, there is a new “trail inn” which has most rooms finished and they SURELY would have put you up. they are very kind. but our police force is rather slim, and we are pretty rural, and it honestly doesn’t surprise me. You would have had better luck knocking on doors or stopping at the bike shop 1mi from your site. I bet the cops will be talking about you all for years… BEST OF LUCK TO YOU

  3. Vanessa Capener Says:

    Bless. Tell Max I will have several varieties of milkshake waiting for him (that is if he can find his way home!)on the understanding that the hair growing on his top lip has GONE!!!
    Am waiting with baited breath to see if you have made Baltimore on time. I am so going to miss this journal, but will be so relieved to see you all back safely. xx

  4. carolyn pierce Says:

    At first I was uncertain, but now I know for sure. Those are Paddy’s teeth in the red sleeping bag on Day 41! (I love a mystery ;0)
    May the Lord grant you all a safe journey home, gentlemen.

  5. Zane Pierce Says:

    I haven’t seen Jacob so excited since he rediscovered potty humor.

  6. Dave Treber Says:

    Sorry I missed you! Next time, you are welcome to stay at Frostburg State University, where there’s always a place for bicyclists with a good cause.

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