A few not-so-final words…

Well, our tour of America is over and we’ve all made it home safely (…actually I think John is still stranded in Baltimore). We’ve made new friends and even some enemies and our cultural paradigm has radically shifted — mostly away from rednecks. However, we couldn’t have made it through this trip without all of the emails and blog comments of support and the mysterious kindness of strangers and folks we met along the road.

So a giant thank you to everyone who donated, supported, and cheered us on in the past month and a half! You have no idea what it has meant to us all.

Also, there are a few more posts to go for this trip so don’t de-bookmark this blog yet. Paddy is writing up another For British Eyes Only and I’ll be blogging a bit about the aftermath (“Where Are They Now”). We shan’t disappoint!

Please join us again on our next adventure in a new country, new time zones, and new cultures and locals to abuse and lampoon. We’re thinking England over spring break and then another big tour next summer (perhaps Italy, Spain or somewhere in Scandinavia). It’s all up in the air right now, but again, we still have no idea of what is realistic so something exciting is bound to happen.

PS: If you need a cycling blog fix, I recommend Jane’s Appeal.

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5 Responses to “A few not-so-final words…”

  1. Vanessa Capener Says:

    Well, you boys might not be shedding tears but I am! It’s like the end of the Truman Show.What am I to do every evening before bed.Am used to logging on two, three times a day for my share in your adventure!Am I to
    wait for the next episode in the UK? (If you think you had trouble with the rednecks, wait until you meet the Morris Dancers!!)
    I have so enjoyed your eventful journey (excepting Missourri,of course), feel like I know you all intimately, thanks to Jacob’s superb writing and wit.Would love to meet you all one day. Perhaps when you come to UK?
    Lasting memories for me-poor Ezra with the truckdriver and his shotgun,David with the banjo and mouthorgans(when is the CD out?),Paddy with the 2 inch legged bear(did he ever reply to the Animal Rights lobby?),John for abandoning you all for the comforts of his own home(shame!),Jacob for his wonderful story-telling(Max is fine, Mrs Capener!!!!!)Thank you all for rescuing Max incessantly.Am preparing food for welcome home party-lots of it- I can see his ribs in THAT photo!!
    That is, if he finds his way home?
    Love to you all
    Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. xxxxx

  2. jude Says:

    YOu guys have been awesome, really brightened up my working summer. Have also motivated me in my daily commutes with the hope that by the next time you go I’ll be fit enough to keep up and make a reasonable request to come too. Looking forward to the final ‘for british eyes only’…

  3. Jeff Says:

    Good job guys! It’s been a blast following you guys across country. I’ve been following you guys since you crossed my home state of Nevada. Use the redneck experience to your advantage. Perhaps you could come up with a Redneck cycling clothes line to help you blend in when crossing hostile territory. Sleeveless flannel print lycra? Billy Bob dentures? Helmets disguised as mesh back trucker hats? There are some possibilities here…

    Get some rest!

    Gardnerville, NV

  4. Anne Says:

    Thanks for the entertainment. I have been following you since you met my husband on top of Monarch Pass …your trip was definitely an adventure and eye opening for those of us watching/reading at home. Best wishes with all that you do. If you come thru Gunnison again .. look us up. We can hook you up with wifi and a place to pitch a tent.

  5. Karin Says:

    so jacob “where are they now” then?


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