Food, folks, and t-shirts.

Well everyone on the CCFC team is now under one roof in California. The two brits, Max and Paddy, arrived yesterday and John Lian last night. I didn’t really think about the fact that there would be british folk on the ride until they dressed up in American flag jerseys and asked me “where’s the squash or blackcurrant cordial… you know, robinson’s squash” while filling up their water bottles. If you’ve been raised in the US, go ask a friend for that and take a look at their face… that’s probably the same face I made. Fortunately Ezra was raised in the US and attends Oxford so he can translate brand-names for us (Squash is a fruit syrup).

Here’s the whole team sans David (who went for an early ride):

Left to right: Jacob, John, Ezra, Paddy, and Max.

On top of the team all arriving, the t-shirts came in the mail on Tuesday. And they’re metro-hott and they’re American Apparel brand. We don’t have very many (40 or 50) but we’ll be selling them as we go across the states. Here’s Ezra, David and myself sporting them in style:

And on top of the t-shirts and team arriving, we purchased $700 in food at Costco about an hour ago. That includes hundreds of various bars and about 24 kg of pasta noodles and 800 oz of pasta sauce. Here’s the loot:

(How much food is that? It’s two shopping carts piled 6 feet off the ground.)

PS: The Oreos™ are for David.

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