Radius and Crank

Well, there’s super bad news today.

First, the funny bad news: Paddy’s crank fell off. … Go ahead, let that sink in. I’ll wait.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t cycle: that’s the equivalent of driving a new Mercedes off the lot only to have the steering-wheel come off in your hands. Ridiculous.

Both Max and Paddy bought new bicycles at Performance Bicycle in Mountain View this week and for two days in a row, they’ve had to stop riding after about 5 miles because their bikes have simply fallen to pieces. Yesterday Max’s chain wasn’t put together properly and he had to abandon the ride. Then today, Paddy’s crankarm came off on a hill (but at least it’s fixable).

Well, on to the bad bad news: Max broke his radius bone at the elbow. He lost traction at the beginning of a 50 mile ride in some leaves and landed wrong. So after the team (including Max) finished the 50 mile ride and after going to UCSF for 3 hours to tour the Cancer research facilities, we finally took him to the emergency room to see if it was anything worth wincing over. I guess in this day and age loss of feeling and mobility in your arm means it’s broken… I’d like to see a second opinion.

We’re going to do damage control tomorrow and figure out how to go about things.

You can see from the x-ray and large black arrow, his arm is in a bit of disrepair:

(Yes that’s Max’s real arm in the xray, though I may have embellished the break a bit with photoshop)

By the way, Ezra wants me to mention that Max clearly broke his arm to try to outdo him when he rode across the west coast with a broken wrist, as documented here:

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2 Responses to “Radius and Crank”

  1. Ann Carollo Says:

    I knew there was something wrong with that arm. Goes to figure that the lay person has to be the one to get concerned when you are surrounded by doctors. Soooo, sorry that there wasn’t an ER at Mt Zion. Very impressed with the “will to ride on,” however. Thanks for the great write up. UCSF was pleased to give you the pre-ride send off! –Ann

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