The Team

We are six college students from the United States and England with a big idea and lack of any realistic sense of what is possible. We will be cycling across the North American continent, from San Francisco to Baltimore, to raise donations and awareness for cancer research.

As we cycle across America in July and August, you can track our progress through pictures and experiences. Money raised from our bike ride will benefit the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, one of the leading cancer research centers in the world. So join us, spread the word, contribute, and together let’s make a difference in the fight against cancer!

John Lian – Amherst

John hails from the glorious state of Ohio. President Taft was from Ohio. He has a powerful obsession with personal hygiene. The shower that John took in Ely was later cited as the beginning of the “Five Year Drought”. John has HUGE thighs, which enable him to outride the other team members, speeding off into the desert like a lemming on a mission. He will be attending Johns Hopkins University as an M.D./Ph.D. student in the fall. He set up our cancer charity connection and visits to cancer centers for the ride. John has experience with cycling competitively.

Ezra Pierce – Oxford

Ezra has chosen the life of an outcast. Rather than remaining in his hometown of Palo Alto, CA, or even his home country, he chose to attend Oxford University. In each location, he espouses the benefits of the other, thus alienating any possible friends with his poor attitude and body odor. He enjoys the incessant discussion of philosophy, economics, and post-natal-depression. Ezra is an experienced cyclist and athlete, and planned the route for our trip.

Jacob Pierce – UC Santa Barbara

Jacob Pierce is the resident fat guy and technology geek. Don’t be fooled by the pronounced widow’s peak, ladies, he’s only 19 months older than Ezra. A widow’s peak is not necessarily evidence of balding, often it is simply a genetic trait passed down from the parents. He is also the Exalted Lord and Master of our Web Domain (and insists that we refer to him as such), updating almost daily with witticisms, cynicisms, other -cisms, and picture-thingies. Jacob has almost no experience cycle-touring. God help us all.

Patrick Garfjeld Roberts – Oxford

Paddy, our Norse representative of sunburns, entertains us hourly by speaking. His disheveled hair and greasy, crazy eyes bely a keen mind, from which flows the cascading wit of the British Empire, distilled into tiny nuggets of joy (like caramel popcorn, or jello jigglers, or those tiny tasty chocolatey things with crunchy bittles in them). He is continuously amused by our American idiosyncrasies. Paddy is a medic at Oxford, and has no cycling experience. However, his bicycle is still nicer than all of ours.

Max Capener – Oxford

Max is British and a gimp. Prior to our trip, he broke his arm in a tragic, and explosive battle with dry leaves. In a rude and uncivilized world, Max carries himself with the dignity of ages past, guiding our disjointed team through the rigors of life on the open road. His interests include break dancing, breakfast, coffee-breaks, breakthroughs, breakdowns, breakups, and the confederate states. Max’s cycling experience consists of vomiting in the middle of a spinning class with a group of middle-aged women.

David Lauterbach – Wheaton

David is the son of a preacher man. The only man who could ever reach us. The only man who could ever teach us. Yes he was, he was, ooh, yes he was. How well I remember, the look that was in his eyes, stealin’ kisses from us on the sly. He was the sweet-talkin’ son of a preacher man. Was the sweet-talkin’ son of a preacher man. He will be doing medical research after getting a masters in bioethics and eventually an M.D./Ph.D. David’s cycling experience was developed over many long miles riding from Vancouver to Tijuana a few summers back. His bicycle is heavier than the combined weight of the sins of the world.